Walgreens Introduces CYO

Walgreens was releasing their exclusive, budget-friendly makeup line C.Y.O. The line is edgy and affordable, and Walgreens wanted to leverage “ #MIXLAYERHACK “ to emphasize C.Y.O.’s versatility, ultimately reminding customers that they can mix, layer and hack their look. The Heave Ho team was hired to produce video and stills to complement and convey this mission.

Client: Walgreens Photographer: Meagan Lindsay Shuptar


The Challenge

Creating a set that told a story illustrating how to mix, layer, and hack the new makeup in a series of video tutorials and lifestyle + beauty images. We had to shoot on location and build out a studio to look like an environment where a group of “friends” would be practicing or rocking out with their band and incorporate the makeup looks into the overall story.


The Execution

We brought in a great team of stylists (hair, makeup, and wardrobe) to execute the feel for the target market and translate that to our models. A drum set, guitars, microphones, and a full lighting team to build out the set really brought the “stage” to life. We worked through shooting each segment of the tutorials, starting with video clips to get each step for each product, and then came in with stills to round out the shots. There were three models (i.e. three tutorials) and we were able to get through everything in a day.


The models had a lot of fun with the instruments--they took quickly to making it look like they knew how to play! The model with the drums even practiced spinning the drum sticks in her fingers between takes. You’d never know they had never touched these instruments when looking at the video and stills we delivered!

Justin Gilman